About Extend-A-Story

Extend-A-Story is the creation of Jeff Weston.

The current version of Extend-A-Story is Version 2.

Version 2 of Extend-A-Story was created using PHP going against a MySQL database. Version 2 is running on a Linux box. Extend-A-Story started using Version 2 on September 30th, 2002.

Version 1 of Extend-A-Story was created using Active Server Pages going against a Microsoft Access database. Extend-A-Story used Version 1 from February 9th, 1999 until September 30th, 2002. Version 1 ran on Microsoft NT Server and then moved to Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

Extend-A-Story was my first real ASP project. I had played similiar games on www.addventure.com and thought it would make for an interesting project in Active Server Pages.

The episodes were stored in an Access database. I created the tables using Access 97, and all of the data in the database has been entered by the story program.

I started this project on Saturday, February 6th, 1999. By Monday, February 8th 1999 I started having my friends look at and test the story program. Not long after that, I opened up the site for the whole world to experience and enjoy.

I actively maintained and updated Extend-A-Story for about a year after its initial release. Then I graduated from college and got a job. I was forced to move Extend-A-Story to a hosting company. Real life got in the way of doing much with Extend-A-Story.

About three and a half years after the creation of Extend-A-Story, I began to realize that the limits of my original design were being tested with the size of the first story, The Never Ending Quest. I knew I would have to re-write Extend-A-Story to accomodate the size of the story.

At this time, I had been working with PHP and MySQL databases for my job. I decided to re-write Extend-A-Story using PHP and a MySQL database. Things progressed slowly for several months. Then, in September 2002, a burst of energy led me to finish off the remainder of the work for Version 2 in just a few weeks. Version 2 was put into production usage on September 30th, 2002.

I hope you enjoy my work. Feedback can be sent to me at this address:

Please be advised that I cannot take responsibility for the content of the episodes, because I did not write them. (Not all of them at least.)

-- Jeff Weston