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From: Aron Wall (
Date: Tue Mar 29 2005 - 10:22:45 PST

Ed Murphy wrote:

> In the TVRotR, Hamlet will open an act of the play with a speech.
> As required by the prologue, I hereby open Act One, thusly:
>       "I don't want to hear about it!" said Marjorie, slamming the door
>       shut with one foot and stalking off toward the house.  Jeremy
>       pocketed the car keys and followed, rolling his eyes.  They carried
>       one grocery bag apiece.
>       "Rules of the road is one thing, and television another, but
>       combine them and-- and I'm not helping you learn any more, that's
>       what!  You're going to get me killed like that!  That set is in
>       there for the _children_."
>       A look.
>       "The _young_ children, Jeremy.  You're fifteen years old and you
>       know perfectly well what I meant."

VALID.  Note that the prologue is clearly 234:1, despite that rule's

+1 Humor
+1/2 Valid
-1 I'm not so sure that a narrative structure is the best way for the round
to go, seeing as it will make it more difficult to follow the theme.

Total: +1/2.

Aron Wall

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