The Ruling of the Judge

From: Aron Wall (
Date: Sun Mar 20 2005 - 21:05:45 PST

One full week has come and gone since the start of the round.  No 
fantasy rules were submitted during this time.  This raises the question 
of what happens in this circumstance--as far as I know a first in FRC 
history (please correct me if I am wrong about this since I have not 
paid much attention to the game for a great many rounds).

This is my interpretation of the Regular Ordinances on the question.  By 
RO #4 all FRC members besides myself were eligible for 7 days starting 
from the beginning of the round.  They therefore have all become 
ineligible *simultaneously*.  It follows that at no time was there 
exactly one member of the FRC eligible.

RO #5 reads:
"End of Game. If at any time after the seventh day of a round, there is 
only one person eligible to play, then
(a) all current fantasy rules are repealed
(b) the round ends
(c) the sole remaining player is declared winner of the just ended round 
and becomes Judge."

Now does the End of Game condition apply?  In order for it to do so, 
there would have had to be only one player eligible to play at some 
time, which was not the case.  I cannot consider "only one" to include 
the case of zero eligible players, since this would not be a natural 
interpretation of the language, and besides effect c presumes that there 
exists a "sole remaining player".  So RO #5 does NOT come into effect.

I therefore conclude that even though no players are eligible, Round 233 
continues nonetheless, and lasts for all eternity, or until this 
circumstance is remedied by proposal.

233:1 attempts to circumvent this problem by redefining the notion of 
elapsed time in such a way that players are still eligible.  This 
attempt fails.  According to RO #1, "Fantasy rules shall have no effect 
on play except as provided for in the regular ordinances." Now 
eligibility is a function of gameplay controlled by the Regular 
Ordinances, and cannot be tampered with by the rules (except in the 
ordinary way that VALID and INVALID rules extend or reduce 
eligibility).  And in any case, no fantasy rule can be allowed to 
circumvent the Regular Ordinances--this is the domain of Overrule 
Proposals or Amendments.

In fact 233:1 and 233:2 are not even fantasy rules.  "Only those persons 
eligible to play may post fantasy rules" (RO #3).  I must interpret them 
as VOID, i.e. not really fantasy rules.  As such they are neither VALID 
or INVALID, and recieve no style points.

At this point the only way to save the FRC from death is by means of a 
Proposal, which either Overrules / Amends the RO's to allow a way out 
(RO #9), or changes my decision on the issue as delivered in this 
posting (RO #8).

Aron Wall

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