Re: Mailing list of the frc

From: David Nicol (
Date: Wed Jan 12 2005 - 08:39:09 PST

yeah the mailing list has moved to, I'm CCing the list, I think you
want to write to but I'm not totally certain,
someone will
correct me if I'm wrong i'm sure.

by the way during this interroundial period, is anyone for instituting
the "wizard's veto"
as clumsily proposed last month?

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 09:53:27 +0000, Hjallti Islivason
<> wrote:
> hello,
> I tried to subscribe to the FRC in the ways discribed (e.g.
> but it didn't work. Can you tell me how to join?
> Hjallti
> _________________________________________________________________
> Gratis en voor niks je eigen blog !


David L Nicol
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