224:2 (james) VALID +2

From: jcm3_at_cec.wustl.edu
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 10:15:53 PDT

224:2 (james) VALID +2

Well, at first this would seem to be a round ending rule. 
After all, someone has posted a rule, therefore no one
else may post a rule.  Game over.

However, I cannot know for certain if you are actually
performing actions or holding opinions unless you tell me.
 After all, for all I know, your pet cat may have pressed
the submit button, and therefore your cat performed the
"post rule" action.  And certainly I cannot read your
minds (we'll be able to do this in the future, of course),
so I cannot know your opinion unless you tell me. 

"I second XYZ rule" INVALID - this has been done already.
"Future rules cannot ABC" VALID - You are not explicitly
stating an action.
"I think ASDF" VALID - no one else has said they "think" yet.
"I believe ASDF" INVALID - although no one has "believed"
anything yet, soneone has held the opinion "ASDF."

+1 On theme
+1 Attempting to win
+0.5 Claiming ignorance


> 224:2
> Did you read 224:1?
> I had planned to, but since it was ruled INVALID, I didn't
> bother.
> That's OK, though, since as members of the FRC Hive Mind,
> we have the strength of group.  Somone read it, so I don't
> need to.
> In fact, to improve Hive efficiency, from now on none of
> us
> shall perform an action or hold an opinion that was
> already
> performed or held by another member.
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