Re: 217 Rebirth or Recall?

From: Joshua Bearden (
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 11:37:07 PDT

> On 2003.10.19 12:09 Ed Murphy wrote:
>> RO 5 causes the round to end when there is exactly one player still
>> eligible to play, but we went directly from many to zero!  There has
>> only been one fantasy rule, and it was judged invalid.
>> Override Proposal 217:A
>> Arnt Gulbrandsen becomes eligible to play in Round 217 until nine days
>> after this proposal's date/time of submission.  All other players 
>> become
>> eligible to play in Round 217 until ten days after this proposal's
>> date/time of submission.
> This proposal passes by a 4-to-0 margin.

Good.  I'm still eager to play this round.  However if the theme is too 
utterly repugnant to induce anyone to post then I'll willingly 
relinquish my position as judge to anyone who wins a majority (or is it 
a plurality) of votes.

Here's the offer: accept me and my theme for the second life of this 
round and simply start posting valid rules OR propose to recall me as a 
judge and nominate a replacement.  (Porn-stars and bodybuilders need not 

In case you're inclined towards option one I'll remind you that the 
theme I have in mind is based on article 419 of the Nigerian criminal 
code.  (look it up if you have to)

If you're howling for a recall, good luck to you.  However I won't go 
without a fight.  In case  of any proposal to replace me I hereby 
nominate myself as Judge for the second term of this round and I vote 
for myself, (or rather I vote against said proposal).

Is that clear?

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