Re: Round 218: No Winner, No Eligible Committee Members

From: Richard S. Holmes (
Date: Tue Nov 18 2003 - 07:38:16 PST

Ed Murphy <> writes:

> Proto-fix:  Whenever all eligible members simultaneously become
> ineligible, those who have not posted a valid fantasy rule this
> round are deemed to become ineligible first.  If this is insufficient
> to establish a winner, then all eligible members have their eligibility
> extended by seven days.

What I like about this proto-fix: It doesn't attempt to anticipate the
mechanisms by which simultaneous universal ineligibility might occur.
Fixes that e.g. reward the poster of the first rule with extended
elegibility, or which require or encourage the start of round to occur
before the posting of the first rule, fail to accommodate all cases
(including those arising from override proposals).

What I don't like about it: It tries to fix the problem by extending
for a week the duration of a round that very likely no one felt
inspired to play in the first place.  It means a minimum one week
additional wait (or more, if no one posts a valid rule during the
extension) before the next round can begin.

I'd rather see a fix that causes the round to end immediately, or
within a couple of days at most, perhaps with no winner and with the
Judge for the new round selected by other means, e.g. keep the same
Judge, or take the first volunteer.

- Rich Holmes
  Syracuse, NY

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