Round 204

From: Ed Murphy (
Date: Sun Mar 09 2003 - 12:24:32 PST

Round 204 will begin when the first rule (valid or invalid) is
posted.  Suggested themes are:

* The Sounds of Silence
* Sufficiently Advanced Technology
* Plain and Simple, Redux

Partial Style totals for Round 203 are as follows--

* +3.8 Ed Murphy
* +1.5 Jesse Welton
* +1.2 Mark Nau
* +0.5 Matthew Schuler

--but this does not include the Style of 203:1,4,7,9 (all invalid)
because I was silly and didn't save those messages.  I leave it to
the community to either (a) wait for Alan Riddell to fill in the
gaps and then let the Wizard go first in Round 204, or (b) not wait,
or (c) wait but then barge in ahead of the Wizard anyway.  Of course,
I reserve the right to mess around with Style in Round 204 as a
consequence of this decision.

Ed Murphy <>          "I'm not sure I can go through      with it.  Leave, I mean."

Rule Date: 2003-03-09 22:04:07 GMT

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