AFwd: Re: 213/214:A Proposal VoteA

From: Aron Wall (
Date: Sat Jul 26 2003 - 14:20:00 PDT

Sorry, forgot to send this to the whole list.

Karl Low wrote:

>Given that this would essentially make round 214 a complete crapshoot (we can't know who the 214 judge is until 213 is complete, and once selected judge, all that person's rules in 214 would become ineligible, thereby possibly validating other rules and hence invalidating yet other rules, etc)..
>I vote NO on this proposal.
Well, its not like one can't strive to be consistent with all the 
previous rules, just in case, except clearly invalid ones.  That is, as 
long as there aren't restrictions that chain rules so that each rule 
must do something based on what the last rule did.  But that only 
happens some rounds.  And its not like people can't try to influence 
what happens in round 213 so as to make the outcome they want in 214 
happen either.  There can only be as many contingencies as players still 
eligible, so it should become more and more clear what's going on in 214 
as 213 progresses.]

Aron Wall

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