Round 195

From: Glenn & Chrystal Overby (
Date: Tue Oct 22 2002 - 13:48:30 PDT

The Committee appears to have fallen on hard times of late.  I therefore invite
my co-Wizards, the esteemed Karl Low and Tieka, to submit an opening rule for
round 195 on any of the following themes:

    Hard Times
    Resurrection (what the FRC needs at the moment!)
    Weapons of Mass Destruction (a currently hot topic)
    The Conclave of Wizards (since we have so many right now)

The Round will open with the first such submission by either co-Wizard.  If
neither submits a first rule within 48 hours of the date of this post, any
member of the Committee may open the round by posting any rule on any theme.

Judge and Co-Wizard

|                Glenn Overby, Tilton, Illinois, USA                |
|                 |
|          Abandon all hope ye who have entered cyberspace.         |

Rule Date: 2002-10-22 20:48:41 GMT

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