188 Complete

From: Mark Nau (nau_at_treyarch.com)
Date: Tue Jul 16 2002 - 10:42:59 PDT

Out with a whimper, 188 is done.

Karl Low is our new judge, and shares the co-Wizard honors with Jeremy

188:1 VALID +2.0

Page i of Telvonia's constitution is a table of contents (TOC).  No rule may
expound on the details of any section of the constitution until the
appropriate information from the TOC has been recounted (in a previous
rule).  The appropriate information includes:
        1) (sub)section number information
        2) (sub)section title
        3) page number upon which the section starts

For instance:

        A.      PREAMBLE        1

The TOC is not a section or subsection and is the only part of the
constitution preceding page 1.

188:2 VALID +2.0

A.            PREAMBLE                 1

This Constitution is arranged in standard Telvonian Format, that is, all
sections and subsections will start on an odd page number that only contains the
section or subsection, title, and page number beginning the section. The text of
the section or subsection begins on the facing page opposite the section

In order to facilitate large format printing, no page shall consist of more than
twenty-two words. See section S. Technical Notes, page 55 as referenced on the
table of contents for more details on the exact composition of a word.

This Constitution's table of contents is completely accurate, should a section
or sub-section be created that would invalidate the table of contents, that
creation will be deemed invalid instead.

Most readers will prefer to instead pursue section B. Introduction, which begins
on page 9.



Rule Date: 2002-07-16 17:43:24 GMT

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