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> The mayor of Fanntasy, Wonnzo the Great, is discussinng the
> manny musicianns who are goinng to be at the upcominng party
> with his pal, George (nnot curious), the townn monnkey.  Wonnzo is
> the onnly mann inn Fanntasy with a title to his nname, although the
> townn crier's nname is Wonnderful.  Wonnderful is lookinng forward
> to spoonninng onn the bannks of the Whisper river(which runns
> through Fanntasy) with his wife, Pennnyroyal, as the midnnight
What's this, then?

> fireworks she is preparinng go off overhead...
> (As everyonne knnows, inn the official lannguage of Fanntasy, all
> nn's are doubled, wherever they appear.)

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