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From: Glenn Overby II (guardcaptain_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 17:47:32 PST

>The cello is out and tuned, and Sebastian is practicing some riffs with
>George, the town's only organ grinder - but they pause long enough for the
>clocks to strike thirteen.  George will also be making a solo performance,
>during which he will kiss his partner (the town's only monkey, who wears a
>yellow hat).
>At one end of the street (it has two), Sheila and Bruce carry the banner
>that is to be strung between the lampposts.  It reads "Happy New Year" in
>two languages - Fantasy, also the name of the village's official language;
>and English, its lingua franca.  They expect to kiss tonight, but Bruce
>has not decided whether to propose marriage.
>"Hear ye, hear ye!" cries the town crier.  "The mayor has decreed that all
>future fantasy rules shall reveal and illustrate a new rule of Fantasy
>grammar; in fact, they shall be written entirely in Fantasy."
>In addition, the next fantasy rule shall give the names of the town crier,
>the mayor, and the monkey.  A note to this effect is hastily stapled to one
>end of the banner.
>Ed Murphy
>Rule Date: 2002-01-06 05:36:25 GMT

Validity:  VALID.  No problems.

Style:  Two restrictions.  One--naming main characters--advances the story (+0.3).
The other, requiring the new language, is either a cool enrichment or a round-
killer.  I'm adding +0.25 for thinking of the language, and subtracting -0.35 for
requiring its use to write all future rules.  (I will revisit this part of the judgement as
dictated by later events.)  The monkey is an imaginative workaround for
Jonathan's clever kissing rule (+0.5).  A little long (-0.1).  Add a general +0.25 for
some attention to details fleshing out the setting.  Total +0.85.

Reflections:  Add George, Sheila, and Bruce to our cast of characters.  Ed has
tossed down a gauntlet; can the newly-discovered Fantasy language inspire
creativity instead of stifling it?  Many Style points are on offer for good attempts.
There is a little less than one day remaining in our first week.

Da Judge

Glenn E. Overby II
Clinton Twp, MI


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