From: Andre Engels (engels_at_uni-koblenz.de)
Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 07:02:56 PDT

From: A. Engels, Temporary Assistant Associate Counsel for Near-nonsense
To: All FRC Legal Councel
Re: Request

I have thought of one good way for Judge Joshua to remain in power; however,
it does require the help of an accomplice. Joshua should resign judgeship in
favor of his accomplice, then post a Rule. Next the accomplice resigns in
favor of Joshua, Joshua declares his own Rule VALID, and waits till as short
as possible before the time that there would be only one legal player left,
and then resign again in favor of his accomplice.

Of course this would fail if a player would post a rule after Joshua had
stepped down the second time - it would then have to be judged by his
accomplice, and we cannot claim that Joshua 'remains' in power, just that
he returns to power. It also has the disadvantage of requiring an accomplice,
as well as some tricky timing.

>From now on, anyone providing a new method for Judge Joshua to remain in
power for another round should also explicitly mention at least one of the
disadvantages of the method proposed.

Andre Engels

Rule Date: 2002-08-21 14:03:21 GMT

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