169:8 - INVALID +1.5

From: Glenn Overby II (guardcaptain_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 09:59:03 PDT

Jesse Welton writes:

>With the firm conviction that the judgement on 169:6 will be reversed,
>I submit this 169:8.
>Did I forget to mention that I was unoriginal for rolling a three
>right after David?  Silly me.  For my missed turn, I do nothing, as
>that is all one can do when taking a missed turn.  Fortunately,
>Gallivanting Tripper, who is in the lead, took two turns because he
>rolled doubles, (indeed, that is the only case in which a player may
>ever take two consecutive non-missed turns), so he's taken more turns
>than I have, which means I can still take another turn in this rule.
>As I prepare to roll the dice for my next turn, they snap around in my
>hand as though magnetized.  The pair of them are strangely loaded:
>They never roll the same pair of numbers twice between resets, which
>happen on a roll of double-zero.
>I roll a double-two, landing me on 7.  That sends Anton back to 5,
>which sends Rich back to 3.  I draw a Restriction card: "Each rule
>must leave a legal sequence of die rolls for the next player."
>Finally, I roll a 1, landing me on 8.  Nothing happens there.

Validity:  Hmmm.  I see two issues.  First off, a Restriction card is not a Constraint
card (see 169:5 and 169:6).  Second, with 169:7 now being VALID, the double-
two roll is no longer possible.  INVALID.

Style:  The relationship between the odd dice and the proposed restriction is
simply too elegant for words.  +1.5

Reflections:  Jesse's interpretation of "turn" is not the only one possible.

Glenn E. Overby II "da really tired judge"
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