169:6 - INVALID +1.75

From: Glenn Overby II (guardcaptain_at_earthlink.net)
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 00:44:11 PDT

Anton Cox writes:

>Having finally found my token (a one-legged Chihuahua made of tin), I
>can at last take my turn. I had better be careful not to roll a 1 or a
>3, or else David will end up on 70 by the bumping rule, and be almost
>sure to win! Here goes...
>I rolled 7 as well. So I land on Rich's square, he is bumped back to 5
>and I have to draw a Constraint card (although Rich did not mention
>it, you also have to draw one when your square's numerical part is an
>odd multiple of 7 too.)
>My card says, "Henceforth, only players who have taken less turns
>than the player with the most advanced token (including "missed turns"
>due to penalties) are allowed more than one turn in the same rule."
>Having rolled the same total as the last player to go, I am guilty of
>being Unoriginal, and must miss a turn. Missed turns must be taken in
>the player's next valid rule.

Validity:  On the surface, this looks good.  The problem is that the rule excludes
certain eligible players in certain circumstances from being able to post a valid rule
at all.  This conflicts with Regular Ordinance 4, which specifies how a player
becomes eligible to post a rule.  INVALID.

Style:  Unoriginal is quite original; +0.75.  Another +0.75 for bailing out the Judge
in posting a quick copy of the Wizard's map...I promised him a bonus for that.  :)
Finally, +0.25 for patching Richard's ambiguity in 169:5.  No deductions--a fine

Reflections: Rulemakers may wish to specify the count on each die rolled.  Or not.

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Rule Date: 2001-09-27 07:45:34 GMT

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