Describing the Map

From: Glenn Overby II (
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 12:19:23 PDT

Here is a quasi-official text description of the map at this stage of Round 169:

The map is roughly circular, commencing with a space in the lower left with a
direction arrow pointing to space 1.  It is possible to travel clockwise from space 1
through space 2, 3, etc. to space 70 consecutively, and then to the arrow space
again for another circuit.

There are also several branching pathways, as follows:

>From space 15, it is possible to go to space 16, or to 16a-17a-18a-19a-20a-21a-
22a-23a to 36.
From space 19a it is possible to go to space 20a as above, or to 20b-21b-22b-
23b-24b-25b-26b/c to 30.
From space 23 it is possible to go to space 24, or to 24c-25c-26b/c to 30.
From space 42 it is possible to go to space 43, or to 44a-45a-46a-47a-48a-49a-
50a-51a to 56.
From space 45a it is possible to go to space 46a as above, or to 46b-47b-48b-
49b-50b-51b-52b to 61.
From space 49a it is possible to go to space 50a as above, or to go to space 51.

(All of these presume one direction of movement, roughly clockwise, to ascending
numerical spaces.)

Additionally, many spaces have pictures in off-track spaces linked to them.

3 has a picture of a house.
11 has a picture of a ship.
17a has a stylized animal face.
21 has a volcano, or possibly a teepee, with an entry at bottom and stuff coming
through an opening on top.
21a has a picture I cannot identify.  (Wizard?)
23b and 34 both link to the same picture, showing a black cloud and lightning
over figures possibly standing on a battlement?
27 has a castle, with its drawbridge partway up or partway down.
39 has a spaceship, I think.
44a looks like four beasts in a field.
48 has a book.
48b and 58 are connected by a single ladder.
49b has a cannon.
53 has a stick figure of a person.
67 has a squiggly line ending at the bottom in a three-pointed flower head?

Pleased to be of service...

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