Round 168 Summary 4: End of the First Week

From: Jesse Welton (
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 12:46:58 PDT

Round Summary 4

The first week of Round 168 has ended.  I would like to congratulate
Glenn Overby and Ed Murphy on slipping into the round under the wire,
and thank all participants for making this a very active, fluid round
thus far.  Seven players remain eligible as we now go into the second
week.  New players should be aware that after the first week,
restrictions often become increasingly difficult to satisfy, both
individually and in concert.  Watch for traps and tricky pitfalls
(there are already a few fairly innocuous ones in there), but most of
all, have fun!

Round 168 began at 15:11:09 on 2001-09-05 with the submission of 168:1
by Alan Riddell.  The Wizard Judge is Jesse Welton.  All times are

    Player      Eligible until      Style
Ed Murphy       2001-09-19 14:28:15 +0.5
Glenn Overby        2001-09-19 03:22:39 +1
Alan Riddell        2001-09-18 12:14:48 +2.5 <<style leader>>
Jesse Weinstein     2001-09-14 23:05:28 +0
Richad Holmes       2001-09-14 16:47:42 +1.5
David Lerner        2001-09-14 06:22:02 +1
James Willson       2001-09-13 14:29:03 +1
Jeremy Selengut     <<ineligible>>      +1.5
<<all others>>      <<ineligible>>
Andre Engels        <<ineligible>>      +0.75

Quick rule summary:
168:1   Alan Riddell        2001-09-05 15:11:09     VALID   +1
168:2   Jeremy Selengut     2001-09-05 15:34:20     VALID   +1.5
168:3   Richard Holmes      2001-09-05 16:01:44     VALID   +1
168:4   David Lerner        2001-09-05 19:20:04     INVALID +0
168:5   James Willson       2001-09-06 14:29:03     VALID   +1
168:6   David Lerner        2001-09-07 06:22:02     VALID   +1
168:7   Richard Holmes      2001-09-07 16:47:42     VALID   +0.5
168:8   Jesse Weinstein     2001-09-07 23:05:28     VALID   +0
168:9   Alan Riddell        2001-09-11 12:14:48     VALID   +1.5
168:10  Andre Engels        2001-09-11 19:31:45     INVALID +0.75
168:11  Glenn Overby        2001-09-12 03:22:39     VALID   +1
168:12  Ed Murphy       2001-09-12 14:28:15     VALID   +0.5

Full judgements:

168:1   Alan Riddell        2001-09-05 15:11:09     VALID   +1
> Help me please! Build me a house, to be filled with lots of shiny things.
> All future rules shall either help in the construction of my house, or with
> the collection of shiny things to put inside it.

Validity: No problems.

Style: A nice, simple start to the round, in an appealing style.  +1

168:2   Jeremy Selengut     2001-09-05 15:34:20     VALID   +1.5
> When Alan calls for help, we of the FRC help, of course (isn't this the
> Friendly Relations Club, after all?).  Of course, beggars can't be
> choosers, so watch out what you get, Alan.  My dog Franc and I dig out the
> cellar, and pour the concrete for the foundation.  Of course, we've never
> done this before, so I really hope it doesn't shift later on...
> Of course, since we are also the Fiscally Responsible Corporation, any
> shiny thing or piece of work which is of high quality (will not break,
> tarnish or malfunction in any way during the round) must be paid
> for.  Anything of high quality which is contributed to the house and not
> paid for before each of Alan's rules must be paid for in the next rule by
> Alan.  Anything not paid for prior to or in Alan's rules are necessarily
> not of high quality.
> Should the owner of the building site (presently Alan) become ineligible,
> the author of the next valid rule becomes the new owner of the building
> site and takes on all the responsibilities given to Alan in this rule (i.e.
> final responsibility for paying for high quality items).

Validity: No problems.

Style: A good balance between narative and restriction, close to the
limit of what I like a single rule to do at this stage.  The fiscal
responsibility requirement for high quality work promises to be an
interesting dynamic in the round.  +1.5

168:3   Richard Holmes      2001-09-05 16:01:44     VALID   +1
> It'd be a shame if Jeremy's foundation were not of high quality and
> started to shift or crack.  Likewise the floor joists now being
> installed by the Floor and Roofing Corporation.  Good thing Alan can
> have one or more construction items and/or shiny things removed in his
> rules -- if he can pay the cost of removal, and if no other unremoved
> item has been installed more recently than the items being removed.
> The floor joists cost 8000 frocloos, Alan.  Or if you don't like them,
> it's 1000 frocloos to remove them.

Validity: No problems.

Style: Removing things isn't much in the spirit of building, but it
could be better than shoddy workmanship.  I like the limitation that
removed items must be paid for.  Of course, so far Alan's budget is
unlimited.  FRC references tend to get tedious, but I rather like
"Floor and Roofing Corporation" - very natural.  +1

168:4   David Lerner        2001-09-05 19:20:04     INVALID +0
> Naturally, Alan's house must conform to all local regulations.  And, in this
> area, all construction is overseen by the Fabrication Regulations Committee.
> In order to boost local business the Fabrication Regulations Committee
> requires all individuals and agencies involved in constructing a building to
> have associative ties.  Therefore, every rule, starting w/ the second rule,
> must mention at least one group w/ the initials FRC.

Validity: This rule helps with neither the construction of Alan's
house, nor filling it with shiny things, as required by 168:1.

Style: Doesn't have anything to do with building, and the connection
between the restriction and the Fabrication Regulations Committee is
weak.  +0

168:5   James Willson       2001-09-06 14:29:03     VALID   +1
> Alan?  Have you been monitoring the contractors?
> The foundation for your house is three feet wide and three feet long,
> which I fear could lead to a cramped living space.
> I also think it ill-advised that the house is being built on a sonw peak.
> Sure, it may be fun and novel, but what are you going to do when it starts to
> melt?
> I have a Silver Spoon for you, Alan!  I'll place it in the cellar.  I'm
> sympathetic with your monetary situation, so I made certain to get you a
> spoon of poor quality.  You should be more careful, though; losing your last
> frocloo at the reservation casino was poor judgement on your part.

Validity: Helps out by providing a poor quality spoon, so it squeaks
by.  VALID.

Style: It's looking harder and harder for Alan; not necessarily to
post a VALID rule, but to get a well-built house out of all of this -
though there are clearly still ways out of this monetary predicament.
There's no substantial restriction here, but I was really tickled by
the 3x3 foundation.  +1

168:6   David Lerner        2001-09-07 06:22:02     VALID   +1
> In order to help Alan organize his shinies I'll install a high-quality
> display cabinet.  This cabinet is, itself, all chrome and mirrors, and very
> shiny (and ugly as a F****** R******* C*********).  The cost is a low 500
> frocloos, or 1,500 frocloos to remove.  The cabinet takes up the entire
> south wall in the basement, though it may be moved later.
> To help Alan organize his shinies every time you give him an object not
> built into the house you must state where that object is in the house.

Validity: Helps with the collection of shiny things, so it satisfies
168:1.  The Silver Spoon from 168:5 was specified to be in the
basement, so 168:5 satisfies the final requirement here.

Style: A display cabinet is definitely an excellent addition to a
house of shiny things.  The restriction means we'll have to know more
about how things in the house are related to one another, which is
good.  (I'd like to see more requirements on relationships between
materials.)  The mounting financial pressure on Alan is neither here
nor there; but I wonder, how will Alan pay for all this?  +1

168:7   Richard Holmes      2001-09-07 16:47:42     VALID   +0.5
> Congratulations!  You have been PRE-APPROVED for a home mortgage from
> the Financial Resources Corporation!  Yes,  ALEN RIDDLE , just use the
> word "Yes" in your next rule and you will AUTOMATICALLY receive an
> IMMEDIATE loan of up to 800,000 frocloos![*]
> To say "Thank you!" for your business,  ALEN RIDDLE , we have enclosed
> sealed in a shiny new high-quality plastic display case, worth over
> 0.99 frocloos![*]  This exciting gift is yours to keep,  ALEN RIDDLE ,
> even if you decline the mortgage.
> [*] Fine print:
> Actual amount of loan is 100,000 frocloos times number of valid rules
> at time loan is accepted, up to 800,000 frocloos. Loan is at zero
> interest.  Borrower agrees to make minimum payments of 2000 frocloos
> in each rule submitted until full amount is repaid.  Borrower agrees
> to accept no other loans while this loan is outstanding.  If house
> ownership changes, loan and its obligations are automatically
> tranferred to new house owner.  Quarter is worth 1 frocloo.  Quarter
> costs 10,000 frocloos to remove.  Quarter is enclosed in the same
> envelope with this letter, which your mailman has pitched into your
> basement since you don't have a mailbox yet.

Validity: No problems.

Style: Still not much building going on, but this very personal offer
for ALEN RIDDLE seems perfectly appropriate at this juncture.  The
token "gift" is suitably symbolic, seeing as it hasn't been paid for
by anyone.  Weak points are the loan amount seems too generous (some
400 rules' worth; and who ever heard of a loan at 0% interest?  +0.5

168:8   Jesse Weinstein     2001-09-07 23:05:28     VALID   +0
> Notice to All Property Owners in the Forest Reaches Community
> (where Alan's house stands):
>   We of Mega-Office Corp.  have persuaded the local zoning
> board to make this area into a commercial redevelopment zone.
> Only buildings with specific commercial purposes may henceforth
> be built in this area.  Currently active building projects may be
> continued, but we ask that the low quality "Very Shiny Not A
> Commercial Building Sticker" be affixed to the foundation of each
> building.  It is fully paid for, and may be removed for a fee of 23
> frocloos.
>           Yours,
>               Jesse Weinstein
>               Mega-Office Corp.
>               sub-supervisor in charge of private relations

Validity: No problems.

Style: This rule doesn't add much to the round.  I'd like to see more
building, both of the house and the rules.  There are still hardly any
restrictions on new rules, even easy ones.  Let's see some more,
please.  +0

168:9   Alan Riddell        2001-09-11 12:14:48     VALID   +1.5
> Oh, thank you all so much!  Things are going on far better than I had ever
> hoped for, and my cat and I hope to leave our 2 foot by 2 foot city flat and
> move in soon.  I love the location, what a view and all that lovely snow
> outside.  I have to say everything that you have brought and built for me so
> far is of the best quality that I could have imagined well apart from the
> silver spoon which I accidentally stood on and broke and that sticker which
> seems to have fallen off and got lost.
> Mind you the sticker falling off is just as well because as well as living
> in this fine abode I plan to open it up as a shop selling fine shiny things
> to anybody who might want to buy them.  I have even managed to sell some
> already, I was especially pleased with selling that (old) coin to a museum.
> Anyway I now pay you all for your marvellous contributions, the checks are
> in the post.
> Anyway my cat and I have just managed to put up the door, but I do insist
> that things get done a little quicker, in the next 3 rules I want the
> exterior finished...  You know walls, roof, balcony (I really could not miss
> that view) and anything else you feel the house might need.  Also, I insist
> that future rules pay homage to new abode and the great opening party to
> occur in rules 168:14 and 168:15.

Validity: Alan builds on the house, pays for everything of high
quality, and (since he didn't use the word "yes") doesn't have to
worry about the loan at all.  The only possible problem I see is that
the quarter is only worth one frocloo, which wouldn't pay for
everything; but Alan intimates that he has sold some other shiny
things as well, and I don't see anything keeping the museum from
paying him more than the quarter was worth, anyway.

Style: I like the humor of the opening, and Alan deftly dispenses with
all his problems in a very tidy way.  By remaining completely
unspecific about monetary quantities, he leaves himself (for now)
fiscally unencumbered.  A really fine response to the troubles heaped
upon him to this point.  +1.5  I'd give it a bit more, but the
restriction at the end is a little awkward and limited.  (I don't
generally like restrictions which apply to just a few particular

168:10  Andre Engels        2001-09-11 19:31:45     INVALID +0.75
> Well, Alan, I see that you do not have a front door yet. What do you think
> of this one? I'll place it in the north wall immediately. What? You don't
> like it? It's bad quality? Ah well, too bad...
> For your collection of shiny things, I have something really useful:
> A magpie. You know, those birds like to collect shiny things. Like
> this very shiny ring that... Help! No, kitty, don't! Too bad, your
> cat ate the magpie...  Well, one advantage - it shows that the
> magpie was of bad quality, which is a good thing, since you could
> not have afforded it otherwise - a full 100,000 frocloos - no way
> you ever get that much money. And the cat puts the ring around her
> front paw.
> I think it's risky to have bad quality stuff laying around, it would be
> better if they just broke directly. Therefore, in every rule where there is
> bad quality stuff that has not broken, tarnished or malfunctioned yet, at
> least one such thing should do so.

Validity: 168:5 introduced a low-quality spoon which was not destroyed
(nor was anything else) in 168:6.  INVALID.  (Watch out for previous
rules when you refer to "every rule", folks!)

Style: I like the idea of the restriction, as well as the monetary
limit.  You've apparently duplicated the door, though.  +0.75

168:11  Glenn Overby        2001-09-12 03:22:39     VALID   +1
> Greetings, Alan!  Welcome to the neighbourhood!  I see that construction
> proceeds almost daily, and soon your house will indeed by shiny and new!
> That cabinet of yours deserves a proper backdrop, the better to
> exhibit those shiny things I understand you love.  It won't take
> long to slap together--excuse me, erect--four brick walls for your
> abode.  And let's panel that back wall in the finest mahogany.  Call
> it 1000 frocloos for the paneling, and the bricks are on me.  Their
> range of colours will add charm.
> I see that your shelves are a touch bare.  I'll speak to our
> neighbours and see if each will be sure to bring food and drink by
> in anticipation of the housewarming party.  It's the right thing to
> do, after all.

Validity: No problems.

Style: Good building, but not much of a restriction.  Throw in half a
point new-member bonus (traditional on all first rule submissions),
and I'll give it +1.

168:12  Ed Murphy       2001-09-12 14:28:15     VALID   +0.5
> I've just gotten off the phone with the Floor and Roof Company, and they're
> giving you a 20% good customer discount on the roof.  It's top-notch, too -
> hickory shingles, triple-sanded.  And the spare parts would make for a good
> barbecue; can't have a party without a good barbecue, after all.  Oh, that
> reminds me... the next valid rule needs to bring at least three types of
> food for the barbecue.  Can't have a good barbecue without food, after all.

Validity: No problems.

Style: Sounds like a nice, high-quality roof with delicious
by-products, but the restriction is limited and has nothing to do with
the theme.  +0.5

Rule Date: 2001-09-12 19:47:12 GMT

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