168:9 - VALID +1.5

From: Jesse Welton (jwelton_at_pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu)
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 06:02:08 PDT

168:9   Alan Riddell        2001-09-11 12:14:48     VALID   +1.5
> Oh, thank you all so much!  Things are going on far better than I had ever
> hoped for, and my cat and I hope to leave our 2 foot by 2 foot city flat and
> move in soon.  I love the location, what a view and all that lovely snow
> outside.  I have to say everything that you have brought and built for me so
> far is of the best quality that I could have imagined well apart from the
> silver spoon which I accidentally stood on and broke and that sticker which
> seems to have fallen off and got lost.
> Mind you the sticker falling off is just as well because as well as living
> in this fine abode I plan to open it up as a shop selling fine shiny things
> to anybody who might want to buy them.  I have even managed to sell some
> already, I was especially pleased with selling that (old) coin to a museum.
> Anyway I now pay you all for your marvellous contributions, the checks are
> in the post.
> Anyway my cat and I have just managed to put up the door, but I do insist
> that things get done a little quicker, in the next 3 rules I want the
> exterior finished...  You know walls, roof, balcony (I really could not miss
> that view) and anything else you feel the house might need.  Also, I insist
> that future rules pay homage to new abode and the great opening party to
> occur in rules 168:14 and 168:15.

Validity: Alan builds on the house, pays for everything of high
quality, and (since he didn't use the word "yes") doesn't have to
worry about the loan at all.  The only possible problem I see is that
the quarter is only worth one frocloo, which wouldn't pay for
everything; but Alan intimates that he has sold some other shiny
things as well, and I don't see anything keeping the museum from
paying him more than the quarter was worth, anyway.

Style: I like the humor of the opening, and Alan deftly dispenses with
all his problems in a very tidy way.  By remaining completely
unspecific about monetary quantities, he leaves himself (for now)
fiscally unencumbered.  A really fine response to the troubles heaped
upon him to this point.  +1.5  I'd give it a bit more, but the
restriction at the end is a little awkward and limited.  (I don't
generally like restrictions which apply to just a few particular


Rule Date: 2001-09-11 13:02:20 GMT

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