168:7 - VALID +0.5

From: Jesse Welton (jwelton_at_pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 10:18:02 PDT

168:7   Richard Holmes      2001-09-07 16:47:42     VALID   +0.5
> Congratulations!  You have been PRE-APPROVED for a home mortgage from
> the Financial Resources Corporation!  Yes,  ALEN RIDDLE , just use the
> word "Yes" in your next rule and you will AUTOMATICALLY receive an
> IMMEDIATE loan of up to 800,000 frocloos![*]
> To say "Thank you!" for your business,  ALEN RIDDLE , we have enclosed
> sealed in a shiny new high-quality plastic display case, worth over
> 0.99 frocloos![*]  This exciting gift is yours to keep,  ALEN RIDDLE ,
> even if you decline the mortgage.
> [*] Fine print:
> Actual amount of loan is 100,000 frocloos times number of valid rules
> at time loan is accepted, up to 800,000 frocloos. Loan is at zero
> interest.  Borrower agrees to make minimum payments of 2000 frocloos
> in each rule submitted until full amount is repaid.  Borrower agrees
> to accept no other loans while this loan is outstanding.  If house
> ownership changes, loan and its obligations are automatically
> tranferred to new house owner.  Quarter is worth 1 frocloo.  Quarter
> costs 10,000 frocloos to remove.  Quarter is enclosed in the same
> envelope with this letter, which your mailman has pitched into your
> basement since you don't have a mailbox yet.

Validity: No problems.

Style: Still not much building going on, but this very personal offer
for ALEN RIDDLE seems perfectly appropriate at this juncture.  The
token "gift" is suitably symbolic, seeing as it hasn't been paid for
by anyone.  Weak points are the loan amount seems too generous (some
400 rules' worth; and who ever heard of a loan at 0% interest?  +0.5


Rule Date: 2001-09-07 17:18:29 GMT

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