168:6 - VALID +1

From: Jesse Welton (jwelton_at_pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 07 2001 - 08:11:02 PDT

168:6   David Lerner        2001-09-07 06:22:02     VALID   +1
> In order to help Alan organize his shinies I'll install a high-quality
> display cabinet.  This cabinet is, itself, all chrome and mirrors, and very
> shiny (and ugly as a F****** R******* C*********).  The cost is a low 500
> frocloos, or 1,500 frocloos to remove.  The cabinet takes up the entire
> south wall in the basement, though it may be moved later.
> To help Alan organize his shinies every time you give him an object not
> built into the house you must state where that object is in the house.

Validity: Helps with the collection of shiny things, so it satisfies
168:1.  The Silver Spoon from 168:5 was specified to be in the
basement, so 168:5 satisfies the final requirement here.

Style: A display cabinet is definitely an excellent addition to a
house of shiny things.  The restriction means we'll have to know more
about how things in the house are related to one another, which is
good.  (I'd like to see more requirements on relationships between
materials.)  The mounting financial pressure on Alan is neither here
nor there; but I wonder, how will Alan pay for all this?  +1


Rule Date: 2001-09-07 15:11:16 GMT

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