From: Jeremy D. Selengut (selengut_at_nih.gov)
Date: Wed Sep 05 2001 - 08:33:10 PDT

begin rule 168:2

When Alan calls for help, we of the FRC help, of course (isn't this the
Friendly Relations Club, after all?).  Of course, beggars can't be
choosers, so watch out what you get, Alan.  My dog Franc and I dig out the
cellar, and pour the concrete for the foundation.  Of course, we've never
done this before, so I really hope it doesn't shift later on...

Of course, since we are also the Fiscally Responsible Corporation, any
shiny thing or piece of work which is of high quality (will not break,
tarnish or malfunction in any way during the round) must be paid
for.  Anything of high quality which is contributed to the house and not
paid for before each of Alan's rules must be paid for in the next rule by
Alan.  Anything not paid for prior to or in Alan's rules are necessarily
not of high quality.

Should the owner of the building site (presently Alan) become ineligible,
the author of the next valid rule becomes the new owner of the building
site and takes on all the responsibilities given to Alan in this rule (i.e.
final responsibility for paying for high quality items).


Rule Date: 2001-09-05 15:34:20 GMT

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