Re: 170:5

From: Factitious (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 23:03:38 PDT

Ed Murphy wrote:

> On Monday, October 8, I submitted the following 170:4
> ----------
> Use words.
> ----------
> but it was throttled by the mailing list software because the message was
> unusually short.  I figured Arnt would manually release it soonish, but...
> I am attaching the original message.  Arnt, can you confirm that it was
> received and throttled as I have described above?
> --
> Ed Murphy <>          "I'm not sure I can go through
>      with it.  Leave, I mean."

If this message is to be considered to have been submitted on Monday, then it
is VALID by timeout and I do not need to decide on judgement.  However, was
it really "a public posting in the official committee forum"?  Arnt was able
to confirm receipt, but it was not formally posted in a way visible to all.
The rejection by the forum was clearly not Ed's fault, but I am still going
to consider it to have been submitted on Friday, and to be the fifth rule
submitted in this round.

Validity: VALID.  "Words" is indeed a wizardly word, and this satisfies 170:2
even if Ed is a willing lawmaker.

Style: +1 for being brief, succinct, and to the point.  -1 for not having
much of a restriction. +1 for allowing me to take a stand on the definition
of "public posting".  Total: +1.

Rule Date: 2001-10-14 06:03:40 GMT

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