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It looks like Alan meant to send this to the list and not to me.

--The Prospective Wizard

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> Jesse W writes:
> >Yes; but we are in one of the long pauses that sometimes happen
> >after oddly short rounds.  As far as I know, the last round died out
> >with Mark Nau as Judge and the last accepted rule being submitted
> >by Alan Riddell.
> That's what I have.  Alan should have first crack at being Judge of Round
> and I think I'm the Wizard.  (But I do NOT want to submit the first rule.
I've done
> that twice, and had the round die quickly twice.  My starting rules seem
to be
> under a cloud at the moment.  8-)  )
> Glenn

In which case I will be happy to start judging Round 173, as soon as the
first rule is posted (by anyone).  The theme of the round shall be "The
Themeless Round".


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