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From: Stephen Turner (
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 01:14:02 PST

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Jesse W wrote:

> A missive to the FRC:
> Stephen Turner wrote:
> > I see the archives at are not
> > up to date. Are there more up to date archives somewhere? Are the
> > Regular Ordinances there up to date?
>   As far as I know, the Reg. Ords are up to date(they don't
> change much, generally), but unfortunately I don't know of any other
> archives.  I would be interested in trying to get more Rounds
> archived there and I have the last few rounds archived on my
> machine as emalis, so if you or anyone else is also interested in
> this, lets do it!

Rounds to 144 are there. And if you follow "A (rarely) up-to-date summary
of the ongoing round" at the top, you can find rounds 145-160, although
they need formatting. That only leaves 161-present (172?) to be recovered
from someone's email.

It does presumably need the cooperation of Andre to put them on his page (or
to find a new page, if Andre doesn't want it any more).

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