Blind Toby Nomic

Welcome to Blind Toby Nomic! This game is based off of Blind Nomic, or at least the publicly available bits. The rules of Blind Toby Nomic are simple. I just can't tell you what they are.
If you want to play, you'll need to contact Sir Toby (see below). Be sure to check back from time to time. Any information that the rules mandate I make public will be posted here.
New to Blind Nomic? These guidelines may help. They're from the original Blind Nomic, and they apply equally well here. I decided to link to them, rather then copy them wholesale...
Keep in mind that this *is* a different game from Blind Nomic. My criteria for accepting/rejecting proposals may differ from that of the person who ran Blind Nomic.

Last Update: June 28th, 2001

Current Game Status

The game is not currently active.
The rules mandate I make the following information available:

Name of the game: Blind Toby Nomic
The identity of Sir Toby: Jeff Weston
Official Blind Toby Nomic website: You're already there.
Proclamations Changes that Sir Toby has made to the rules.
Round Number: 1
Players Public information about the players.
Number of rules: 46
Rules Public information about the rules.