Someone ELSE

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 89553

"Lady, you have no idea" said Someone Else. "But enough with the chit- chat, perhaps you would like to visit Somewhere Else?"

"Actually..." replied Fred. "...I'd like to go somewhere else."

"Well then, shall we get going?"

"No, I mean... oh, I give up."

As they entered the town, they met Someone Else, who was holding a staff. Fred looked back at the person who had led them to the village, and saw that he was holding something else.

"You know, this is really starting to irritate me" he told Astra. But he got no reply, and when he turned around to look where Astra had stood a second ago, she's gone. Instead he sees...

"You're not Astra. You're someone else!"

"How very observant of you" replies Someone Else with sarcasm.

  1. "Where is Asta?" asks Fred.
  2. Fred goes to look for Astra himself.
  3. Fred is kidnapped by Someone Else.
  4. Fred gives up and decides to go somewhere else. Wait...
  5. To his great shock, Fred discovers that he is not Fred, but Someone Else!
  6. Fred does something else.

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