Hormonal Idiot!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 53

"You fool!" said the woman's voice. "I knew the way to trap you was to get you to think with your loins, rather than your brain!"

The lights came back on, and the woman was no longer there. In her place, was none other than...The Dragon!

At last, Fred had reached the end of his quest. This was the moment of truth! The moment where he could prove to the King that he was a man, and that he deserved the Dukedom of Suffex.

And then...

  1. Fred attempted to slay the mighty Dragon.
  2. Fred attempted to reason with the mighty Dragon.
  3. the mighty Dragon fried Fred to a crisp.
  4. Fred ran like Hell!

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2/14/1999 10:08:17 AM

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